Southwest WI Staff

Brock Waterman, Business Consultant

Brock Waterman

My mindset includes the ability to be both entrepreneurial, which is crucial when searching for a business model in the early stages or expanding later on, and execution focused, which is essential as a business matures. The entrepreneurial and execution mindset is essential to my current role as a Business Consultant for the SBDC of Southwest Wisconsin (Crawford, Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, and Richland counties). This mindset was also critical for:


 * Coordinating the Pioneer Launch Lab at UW-Platteville (3 years)
 * Owning a consulting business (16 years)
 * Being a teaching team mentor for the Ideadvance Seed Fund grant (2 cohorts)


Entrepreneurship is in my blood. In 1984, my parent's business settled on the unique business model of repairing farm equipment (known as forage boxes or chopper boxes). In 2008, I assumed a leadership role in my parent’s business, as CEO. The business has grown substantially and now has 8 total people involved, 6 full-time.


To supplement my observation and experience I am a voracious reader. In 2014 and 2015, I read 45 books about business and psychology (more if you count other categories). Business is my passion and even in my free time I spend my time watching shows like:


* Shark Tank
* The Profit
* Restaurant Impossible
* Hotel Impossible
* Undercover Boss
* Your Business


If you would like to know more about my background and experience you can view my LinkedIn profile.