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First Steps Toward Starting Your Own Business


What Do I Need to Do to Start a Business?

FAQ Sheet


Business Planning Materials

The Small Business Development Center at UW Oshkosh specializes in helping business owners prepare the plans they need to successfully start or expand a business.

Sample Business Plan
Sample Business Plan (PDF format)

    - Detailed plan for businesses requiring outside financing.

Sample Marketing Plan
Sample Marketing Plan (PDF format)

    - Simplified plan for businesses requiring little or no financing.


The following documents are used to gather the information needed to write either a detailed business plan or simplified marketing plan:

Researching & Writing a Plan - Market Assessment
Researching & Writing a Plan - Market Assessment (PDF format)
Researching & Writing a Plan - Financial Assessment
Researching & Writing a Plan - Financial Assessment (PDF format)
Researching & Writing a  Plan - Management Assessment
Researching & Writing a Plan - Management Assessment (PDF format)
Researching & Writing a Plan - Finishing the Business Plan
Researching & Writing a Plan - Finishing the Business Plan (PDF format)


Small-Scale Commercial Food Processing Food Safety Regulations For Small Food Processing Facilities & Farmers Market Vendors

Food Safety Regulations


Loans and Grant Information

Press here for information on SBA loans and grant that may be available for you.


Wisconsin Business AnswerLine (WIBAL)

The Wisconsin Business AnswerLine is staffed by experienced entrepreneurs to give instant answers to small business owners and their staff in the state of Wisconsin. Press here for more information. If you would like further assistance from a member of our consulting staff, please call 1-800-232-8939 or (920) 424-1453 in the Oshkosh area.


America's Small Business Development Centers

America’s Small Business Development Center Network is the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the United States and its territories. The mission of the network is to help new entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership, and assist existing businesses to remain competitive in the complex marketplace of an ever-changing global economy. For its Resource page, .


Free Legal Services for Entrepreneurs

The UW Madison Law School's Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic provides free legal services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. For more information, click here.


Industry Analysis - Research Resources

Industry Information Resources is a free resource guide published by ValuationResources.com to industry-specific resources and data for over 400 industries. Individual pages for each industry list resources and data available from trade associations, industry publications, and research firms.