Milwaukee 7 Export Development Grant Program

Small business owners are often confused or intimidated by the process of exporting to a foreign country. They’re fearful of regulations or concerned about the costs. But with the right assistance, it’s possible for small business owners to quickly learn and understand how exporting can help their bottom line. Exporting is important for small businesses because it enables them to find new customers, grow their business, and become more profitable.  Nearly 96% of the world’s customers and 66% of their buying power resides outside of the United States.

 At the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee SBDC, we can help you put together an export business plan, identify international trade regulations, and assist with market research to make sure there’s a buyer for your product in other countries. The SBDC can also assist your business in taking advantage of the Milwaukee 7 Export Development Grant Program. Two SBDC clients were awarded the grant in the first round of funding, and a third client has applied for the second round of funding. To learn more about the grant, read here.

 If developing new markets through exporting is in your future, contact the SBDC now!