Client Success

Dollhouse Dance Factory

“Essentially, the expansion of my business may not have happened without the SBDC. It meant everything to have the support and assistance in the exact time I truly needed it.” - Kayla Pittner

Schleppenbach Janitorial

“Thanks to the help of the SBDC, I was able to obtain the business and in doing so I saved nine jobs, retained my employees and as of today, eight months later, sales are up 30 percent.” – Alex Jerry

Anderson Landscaping

"We really appreciate the help we got from the SBDC. I don’t think we could have probably gotten as fast of a start and as successful as we are now without their help” – Justin Anderson

Barron County Cheese

“Working with the SBDC was a very easy process. They provided us with useful recommendations, and all of the information we received from them was easy to understand.” - Gene Graf

Holzem Machine

“Working with (the SBDC) was a total game changer. (They) really helped me figure out how to get my business where I wanted it to be.” - Ben Holzem