Client Success

Weidert Group

“My intuition said that we were doing a lot right, but how do we keep ourselves from crashing and burning as we grow?” - Greg Linnemanstons

Blair Fire Protection

“The moment I began working with the SBDC, I knew it was the right choice. Their experience and expertise proved to be invaluable.” - Blair Burkette

Thunderbird Engineering

“We greatly appreciate all the help that SBDC has offered. As with a lot of startups, funding is always a big issue, so the SBDC providing these services at no cost is a tremendous benefit.” - Shawn Woldt

Laser Products of America

“(The SBDC) read and re-read my business plans multiple times while giving suggestions for improvements. They also helped me locate terms of service contracts for use with our variety of clientele.” - Melanie Pederson

Full Circle Supply

“Honestly, I don’t know where else I would turn in times of need. I trust (the SBDC) completely to give me accurate, easy-tounderstand information and advice.” - Mary Larson