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UW-Stout's Center for Innovation and Development (CID) promotes the commercialization of innovative products and technologies by assisting inventors from across the state.


  • Assess the feasibility of your idea with experts from manufacturing and business

  • Address product design issues and engineering

  • Learn to develop prototypes

  • Access the Discovery Center FABLAB to design and build prototypes


Clients with new product ideas learn to assess feasibility, address product engineering and design issues, and develop prototypes. Inventors can access the Discovery Center FABLAB to design and build prototypes.


“They knew where to find material that we could use and how much manufacturing things would cost,” says Alice Schuster. Her husband, a truck driver for more than 40 years, invented a solution to a problem trucks develop in cold weather. They used the FabLab to develop a working prototype. “Now we will be able to take the prototype to a manufacturer and get our product out there.”